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21 March 2019

Remote Oats – delivered to your door

Kangaroo Island Oats – “The Remote Oat” – is preparing to release its new Quick Oats and Rolled Oats products to market in 6 weeks. You can be among the first in Australia to try this new Authentic Kangaroo Island treat by pre-ordering here. Kangaroo Island Oats are 100% Kowari oat variety and all grains are grown…

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The Kangaroo Island Brand trust mark attached to businesses or products is your assurance that the product is an authentic Kangaroo Island product, from a business which has committed to uphold the Brand Values of Kangaroo Island. The Kangaroo Island Brand is a strong, recognisable brand that is consistently associated with products that represent the values of the region and demonstrate unique points of difference that production on Kangaroo Island brings.